Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is what we look like today.  Just before we headed out the door to our day.


1.  Texas Rangers hat for team spirit.  
2.  Texas Rangers hat to cover up my terrible, dirty hair.
3.  Running clothes for the jog I planned to take during ballet.
4.  All black was just an accident.  No meaning there.  At least I don' think...

The Girls

1.  Eloise is Cinderella.  Her first outfit of the day.  She was only in it for about 30 minutes total.
2.  Eloise's tiara.  Because she's a princess.
3.  Cordelia in a light blue dress to match her beautiful eyes.
4.  Pink and white pants to make sure everyone knows she's a girl.


1.  A distant and provocative look on his face.  Because he's a cool model like that.  
2.  A priestly collar because he's an Episcopal pastor.
3.  Argyle socks to keep life fun. 

Extra Credit

Q:  What's a pirates favorite pattern?  

A:  ARRR-gyle!
(That's for you, WVR friends!)


Anonymous said...

hahahah Man, I love you guys ;) And especially the timed shots which produce results you couldn't even have planned if you tried!

Molly said...


Dorry said...

Love your fam! So cute. And love your chair, too. :)

Paul,Lauren,Witt, and Nash said...

Hey Emily,
I have enjoyed many of your recent posts so much. I have tried to leave some comments but seem to have some sort of snafu with my 'identity', hopefully this one will work. Anway... I read your blog regularly and really appreciate your thoughtfulness and perspective.

All the best!