Friday, October 29, 2010

Funny Friday

I take 3 billion photos a day.  And as I go through to delete, I find some real keepers.  And some really amusing shots.

These tickled me.  I hope they tickle you.

Antennary Fun

 Super Fly Butterfly Pie

 Over Here, Camera's Over Here!  Look at ME!

Classic Protest of Mom's Camera


Woohoo, Part 2!

Bananas For Butterflies

We're out the door for our school's Halloween parade and then off to enjoy the Fall foliage.

Happy Friday, YALL!


Willa J. said...

Those cheered me up:). Definitely keepers!

Tessa said...

LOVE that full shot of Eloise's butterfly stance. She is too precious!

Alex and Emily said...

Thanks, friends. I love the one E in her super serious super butterfly hero stance. 3 yr olds are funny people!