Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My weekend in review.

It takes time to decompress after a weekend I just had.  And my need to blog about it is very strong.  Blogging is becoming closely linked to my processing.  I know I'm a verbal processor.  And I talk and talk and talk to Alex to process.  Then I call a friend and process with her.  Then I blog about it.  And if I still need to process after that, I journal.  Wow!  My need to share and think out loud is so great.

And I'm fighting every urge I have today to get off the computer and spend quality time with my kiddos.  To get the house in order, plan dinner, finish the laundry.  So much I should be doing.  But all I want to do is blog about it.

This might be a problem.

I'll keep thinking about that.  In the meantime, our weekend extraordinaire awaits.

We flew out late on Thursday night.  And hit the ground running on Friday.

My mom organized all these:

And these for me, so that I could start arranging immediately on Friday.

(Flowers in bulk from Sam's Club.  Great quality, Low prices!)

After a full day of flower arranging and shopping for a the weekend events, Alex and I headed to Highland Park stadium to greet alumni and enjoy Friday Night Lights.  Alex's first Friday Night Lights, my 299th.

Thousands of people joined us to root our home team on.

Yes, those girls' legs are touching their heads.  Amazing!  

From there we headed to Ozona's for a fab post party.  It was overwhelmingly fun to see so many old friends.  I could have stayed all night.  "Only 10 more people, Alex!"  Wisely, he pulled me out at 1:30am.  He's so wise and helpful.  In fact, he's the best "assistant to the Vice President" I've ever known.  

Saturday I was out the door bright and early to head to the venue to set-up.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Graham and Alyson brought donuts over.  How did I miss that?  Doh!

The kiddos played.  The adults ate....or so I hear.  

(Cordelia and Annie are 5 days apart.  Scrumptously cute too!)

From there we headed to the high school for our class picnic.  

A sight to behold.

Then on to the main event.

These photos are terrible.  In fact they are basically non-existant.  Yes, people, it was that fun.  So fun I didn't even snap a photo or two.  This is all I got.

Me and my party planning people.  See you in 10 years, party people!

Home again.  Too late to mention.  And up again to enjoy one of the most anticipated sports days in Arlington, TX.  A Ranger's playoff game AND a Cowboys game.  Next door to each other.  Holy Canoli!

But before we could head to Cowboys stadium, Alex went to church.  Because remember?  He's a clergy man.  Okay, then we went to Cowboys stadium.  

And all I have to say is INSANE!

(Alex, Neill, and Ryan walking to the stadium.  It reminds me of a space ship.)

(We could watch the Rangers too.  And probably could have heard them score, if they had at least!)

(See those girls.  Their legs are kicking their heads.  Just like the high school drill team.  
Texas = Football, doesn't?  Or, Texas = Kick Routines.)

It was insane.  The new stadium, "Jerry's Man Cave" is ridiculous.  Football is ridiculously fun.  And Texas makes everything bigger.  And better.

What a weekend.

And now that I've shared, I feel so much better.  Thanks for listening.


My life so far said...

great seeing you this last weekend at the reunion and catching up. Hope to see you next time you are in Big D.

catherine said...

Thanks for sharing about your fun weekend. You all did a great job planning the reunion. Thanks and thanks to Alex for being a great greeter and helper to you. I was glad to see you and hope to see you before 10 more years have gone by.

Brooke Koroknay said...

Didn't the Rays win that game? Unfortunately, they lost last night. Remember, I'm in the Tampa Bay area. :) Glad you had a great, eventful weekend!