Monday, November 22, 2010

Just in case

Just in case you think clergy families are unapproachable, put together, intimidating,

we're not.
Check out our church directory photo.  Cringe.  School photos are the worst!  An uncoordinated and awkward foursome.  I hope this makes us approachable enough.  :-)

And, just in case you think we live in the big city,

we do.
Don't let the wildlife in our backyard fool you.


gwen said...

Yep, that photo might do it (make you more approachable), but I think your friendly smiles have got you covered!

Kathryn said...

Pretty bad, Em. But you aren't supposed to have a good one. Hey - think of it this way - it's not bad enough to submit to awkwardfamilyphotos :)

Molly said...

i still get a school yearbook photo taken each year. why do they subject teachers to this abuse?

Dorry said...

LOL about the photo. But I still think y'all are pretty adorable. I bet your girls love the deer - the closest my nieces get to a deer in Dallas is watching Bambi. :)

Alex and Emily said...

Alex and I can't stop laughing at it. This is how people will see us for years to come. Ahhh...humility.