Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Colorful Morning

I happily bounced out of bed at 6am this morning.  That's what happens when you go to bed at 9pm and have a stuffy nose and a dry mouth as a result of sleeping with it gaped open all night.  Just. Needed. Water.

I beat everyone up today which is always so delightful.  So I took advantage of my time and energy and decided to make a colorful breakfast.  I took a tip from MckMama (see here)  and re-used last night's dinner (short ribs, roasted beets, and rolls, yum yum yum) in this mornings breakfast.  I pureed the beets and mixed them in with my Swedish pancake recipe, using whole wheat flour to add extra health, and created something beautiful.

Beautiful, Healthy, but not really very Tasty.  Well, to be exact, it tasted like thick cardboard beets.  

But did I mention they were beautiful?  And everyone ate them.  Because they were PINK.  

And there's nothing that real maple syrup can't fix.

Maybe I'll go to bed early again tonight and be even more inspired tomorrow. 

Probably not.  Have a great day!


Brooke Koroknay said...

I like how you labeled everything! Very informative! :)

Willa J. said...

The text on the pictures is hilarious, Emily. I love that you not only shared what you had for dinner last night (and how you cooked it), but also identified the floor. :)

Brookie said...

How fun!