Thursday, November 4, 2010

My greatest dreams and ambitions

I adore The Pioneer Woman.  I marvel at her productivity, her incredible taste, her artistic talent, her energy, and her marketing genius.  Right now, under her Home and Garden section, she is cleaning out her closet.  That means, she is going through her clothes and giving them away to one of the many many hundreds of commenters that want it.  Giving away something you don't want and generate an income at the same time?  Sign me up!

Thousands and thousands of people, myself included, come to her blog everyday for photography contests, free recipes, hilarious commentary, and homeschooling tips.  Yes, that's what I said, she even home schools her children.  She's warm, unique, funny.  And every time someone comes to her blog she makes money.  Brilliant!

She is my hero.  

I will never be like her, but I want to so very badly. 

I thought about this as I talked to my BFF (or my bestie as they call them these days) on the phone this afternoon.  She asked what I was up to.  I said, Sick child.  Rainy day.  Cabin fever.  And homemade chicken noodle soup and yeast rolls.

She was mildly impressed and that boosted my ego for the moment.  I explained that the soup was my project on this very gloom day.  She said, Put some photos of it on your blog.

I laughed!  It was a nightmare.  The house and kitchen were a complete wrecks.  I certainly couldn't post photos of the chaos of my life.  Because The Pioneer Woman has the most beautiful recipe photos on her blog and her book.  She's so perfect.  Sigh.

Thanks to my BFF, I took the camera out and started shooting.

Here they are folks.  Just consider me The Pioneer Woman in Training.  

This is Eloise's bird nest.  She perched here.

These are the noodles before they go in the soup.  Eloise really wanted to eat them raw.

This is what the kitchen looked like while I cooked.  Isn't it pretty?

Cordelia rode my hip most of the time.  My back hurts now.

This is what I drank while I cooked.  Oops, should have moved some of those things out of the background.  (-:

Eloise "helped" a lot.  She had fun until I told her she couldn't eat the raw noodles any more.  That's when the afternoon started to deteriorate.

The finished product.  Yummy.  What are those squash doing on the stove top? Oh, they're too big for the fruit bowl, so I put them there, naturally.  I put them there 5 days ago.  :-(

The Pioneer Woman I am not.  But don't you think I'm off to a good start?  (-:


gwen said...

I think you are off to a GREAT start! And, most of us can better relate to you ... our kitchens (& houses) are much more like yours than hers. However, being a PWIT (Pioneer Woman in Training) is certainly a worthy goal - as long as you can keep your sweet self too!

Millie Wamsted said...

I just discovered a blog that makes me feel this way, inspired yet a little disappointed that I can't get that all done - our hartbeat. She has the best garden, the cutest house; she is so crafty, and she homeschools. I am definitely a PWIT, too! And I agree with your mom - you are off to a GREAT start! (I mean, seriously, homemade noodles!?)

HeatherBakes said...

Um, did you really MAKE the pasta for your soup? I am seriously impressed.

I love PW's closet cleanouts. How amazing are her clothes??? I usually thinking- is she really just GIVING this stuff away? It's nicer than anything in my closet.

Dorry said...

Awww, Em! You are my favorite mom and homemaker out there. You are doing things for your family that I hope to do for mine one day. <3

Anonymous said...

I would SO much rather visit your real home than the pioneer woman's perfect one (though I love her too).

Alex and Emily said...

You guys are too nice!

Paul,Lauren,Witt, and Nash said...

I really loved this post. I laughed and it warmed my heart. And I too am impressed with the homemade egg noodles ALL that with a baby on your hip and a 'helping' preschooler. I would have been in full on sweat mode.:) Anyway...I am not sure what your plans are for the b'nut squash but I found an excellent recipe on a site called (love her) for turkey chili w/ b'nut squash and aplles (in the crock pot) and it is truly marvey! I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

I truly WAS impressed! Like The Mills said, HOMEMADE NOODLES? I'm laughing really hard thinking of Elo being a bird.
And I made some really yummy butternut squash last week.
I just sliced it and sauteed it in EVOO and Rosemary! it was yum and super easy.

Anonymous said...

I prefer real, authentic, and someone I can empathize with to someone who seems to have everything together :) I'm sure this person and her blog are great, but I love your blog and your photos, and I'm just blown away you made homemade noodles with a (mostly?) smiling daughter helping and ANOTHER on your hip!

OOOO girlfriend, you got skillz ;)