Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Photo Diary

A peak into my life this afternoon.


2:30: Cleaning the windows.
3:30: Making Chocolate Cereal.  Melt chocolate chips, peanut butter, add cereal, eat for snack.
4:30: Just out of bath.  Long baths make a fun and productive afternoon activity.
5:30: Alex home.  Leftovers or hot dogs.  Most chose hot dogs.
6:30: Alex rocking Cordelia.  Eloise and I headed to bed to read 3 books.
7:30: Alex back to church for meeting.  I'm picking up the contents of my desk that Cordelia spilled every where.
8:30: Blogging.

Good Night!


Brookie said...

Thanks for explaining the pictures - especially the one of you cleaning your desk.

Someday, I'd love a whole 12 hour day - but I realize that might be kind of hard.

Lauren said...

I think we must be living parallel lives of sorts!:) Seems your sweet babe, like mine, does not want to be put down either. Nash wants to be held constantantly which is precious but more than a bit restricting. My back is killing me. I know I have said this a few times but I really do enjoy your blog so much. Prayers for rest and peace for you guys.


Molly said...

So what exactly was Eloise washing off the windows?

Alex and Emily said...

Glass markers. They are so fun. You can color on any kind of glass...but you have to clean it up afterwards.

Dorry said...

Fun to see inside your day. I want to come over for snack time. That sounds really good!

Millie Wamsted said...

I feel like I'm looking into my not-too-distant future here!