Friday, November 19, 2010

Lowering my expectations

Today Alex told me to lower my expectations.  Then, he said, I'd be happier.

Why was I so unhappy?  I was unhappy because today I was going to clean our house.  Not pick-up but clean.  Like clean the Cordelia sized hand prints off the storm door.  Scrub the showers, yuck.  Dust my bedroom.  That type of stuff.

How much did I accomplish?  1 room.  My bedroom.  That's all I accomplished today.

Because while Eloise was in school, Alex and I decided to take Cordelia for a quick stroll.  The quick stroll  turned into a delightful 2 hour excursion to get a couple sausage biscuits for our second breakfast.  Returning home, I had to check my email.  Then return some email.  Fix some lunch.  Then I started cleaning the bedroom.

Before I knew it Eloise was home.  And that was it.  No more could be accomplished.  Eloise wants to help...if I'm within 30 yards of Cordelia, she yelps and whines until I pick her up...and I only became more frustrated.

So Alex told me to quit trying.  Just stop.  Let's do something fun.  And so off we went.  To do more fun things.

At least I have a squeaky clean bedroom.  Right?  Forget being a neat freak.  I guess I should just be a Mom for the time being.

With really low expectations, you're sure to have a fabulous weekend.  Have fun!  (-:


Willa J. said...

I think Alex's advice is just perfect! I'll probably have to come and re-read this in the future:).

Brookie said...

I'm proud of you, Em. Keep it up!

Dorry said...

Love this advice - high expectations can definitely lead to disappointment so I think it's a good idea to just take life as it comes and know that our days rarely go as we plan or envision them to go! hope you and the fam are having a lovely weekend. xo