Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sister Sister

It's so fun that Eloise is conversing more and more with us.  We never know what she'll say next.

Me:  What your bunny's name, Eloise?
Eloise:  Carrie.
Me:  Great name.  How did you pick Carrie?
Eloise:  Because bunnies like carrots, Mom.

Eloise:  Cordelia, when you get big, I'm going to teach you to dance.

Me:  (in response to a cartoon.)  What do you collect, Eloise?
Eloise:  Princess cookies.

Eloise:  (looking at a book)  This is Jesus.  He's alive!

Cordelia is doing her fair share of growing too.  She's rolling all over the place.  Eating some rice cereal. Grabbing everything.  Laughing at Eloise.  Taking her pacifier in and out of her mouth.   (Isn't that every mom's dream--for their baby to put the paci in by themselves.  It's so bad, but it's so true.)


ML Welz said...

Hey Emily- how old is cordelia? when did you start feeding her rice cereal and do you still breastfeed?? Sorry about all the questions, but madison is almost 4months old and my pediatrician says that she can start rice cereal. However, the website that has really helped my through the first couple months (esp with BF'ing), kellymom.com, mentioned not starting rice cereal until 5.5-6 months of age due to the increase in the risk for allergies and apparently bf babies will wean sooner?? Have you heard this? Sorry- I'm a first time mom and you get so much advice, somtimes its hard to know what direction to go in. Your little girls are just so precious-- they already seem to be becoming friends :)

Molly said...

plus cordelia is doing a pretty good job trying to hold her bottle to her mouth!

gwen said...

That Eloise is certainly smart! But what is it with Cordelia? She looks way too perky for waking up 3 times a night! Precious Pictures! Precious Sisters!

Willa J. said...

Such sweet pictures, Emily. I can't wait until Liza can begin conversing with us...a few years to go though:). See you tomorrow!

Averitts said...

What precious pictures! I'm jealous that Eloise will hold still enough. I had to bribe Charlie with jelly beans for one good Easter picture. What a gift these pictures will be for them one day. I wish I had some so sweet of me with Melissa when we were little!