Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Milestone

What do you do after nap time?  It's a tough time of day.  The girls are waking up from naps, dinner time is quickly approaching, Eloise is not usually in the mood to go anywhere if we've had a long morning.

So we usually stick around the house and play.

Or go outside on a pretty day.

And see all our neighbors.  Because it doesn't seem like any of us work.  Well, we do work.  We work on our gardens, for example.  And we work on neighborhood news.  That kind of stuff.

And we always end up in costume.  Usually it's the princess variety.  Bright pink and wands.

But today was special because Cordelia dressed up for the first time.  And it must be documented.  Because this was the first of many.

Then, of course, Eloise got in on the costume action.  We had a garden theme.

And then something crazy happened.

The camera turned on me.

Do you see the stickers on my sweatshirt?  They're taped on because they had lost their sticky.

Then a game of hide and seek ensued.

Paula was it.

Ahhh!  She found the ladybug!

And that's what we did today after nap.


Molly said...

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! oh wait. sorry. wrong time of year. but please send us updates of your garden soon! any snap peas yet?

PS tell Eloise I just saw Cici and she's looking forward to some dress up this summer in Colorado. she might even bring a princess crown.

khs said...

I love the pictures of Mom with her girls, Emily!

Tessa said...

You are too cute!!

SF Larges said...

Emily- It's great to see your beautiful and happy face on the blog too!