Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Tear Jerker

After crying with 16 and Pregnant in the afternoon, I found myself home alone last night.  Tired after a long day of Eloise being sick.  TV surfing.

I landed on Extreme Makeover House Edition.  (Or something like that.)  And I started crying again.

Well look at me.  You think something's wrong.  Which is always a good possibility, but I was crying again because the show was so touching.

Why is Mommy crying? Eloise would have asked if she was awake.  And thankfully she was not.

Because these beautiful families receive a free gift.  A new and extravagant home.  They've done nothing to deserve them.  It's above and beyond their wildest dreams with incredible space, technology, etc.  It's outrageous.

And free gifts are rare.  Unmerited love doesn't happen very often.  And it's awesome.

Wow, for Sunday that I could not go to church, I sure did praise God a lot.

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Willa J. said...

Emily, I am repeatedly refreshed and impressed by your ability to see beauty and grace in diverse circumstances. Thanks for sharing!