Friday, April 23, 2010

Cordelia Today

Thanks for all your prayers and kind words, friends!  They are working!

Cordelia is doing really well.  We've done all the appropriate treatments and she slept well last night.  (But who wouldn't sleep well cuddled next to her mommy, drinking yummy milk every 2 hours?  :-)

She definitely doing better than worse.

And I definitely wasn't ready for my sweet 14 pounder to get so sick.  It was bound to happen with all the germs Eloise brings us from school.

Have a happy Friday, everyone.  Thankfully it's Alex's day off so we have man-on-man defense today.  (Football illustration in honor of the NFL draft Alex watched all night.)


gwen said...

PTL! Hope you can get some sleep today.

Tessa said...

Glad Cordelia's feeling better, you are such a good mom!