Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life this week

It's Spring break and we're having a solid week.  I'm having to sneak downstairs early this morning to write this, though.  That means I'm busy parenting.  Me + Girls = All Week Long.  And when the girls are playing during the day, I can't open the computer for long.  They come running....Eloise wants to type letters and spell words and Cordelia wants to destroy the keyboard, like any healthy 17 month old.

We are declaring this spring and summer the seasons of the bike.  The girls love the bike trailer, so Alex and I suit up and take the girls for a ride.  The only challenge is finding a route that is not too hilly (we're still biking wimps) or dangerous (I hate traffic in my car, definitely not braving it on my bike.)  I think our route to Dunkin Donuts is working out well for us.  :-)

It's Holy Week.  And we are preparing to celebrate the death (Good Friday) and resurrection (Easter) of Jesus.  This is the most important time of year for the church because this is what it's all about.  Jesus died for us.  For 3 days.  Then we rose again.  It is also a very full week and weekend for Alex.

So, to occupy my time in the evenings, I've started a photography blogsite trial.  Wow.  It is fun, tricky to learn, and full of choices.  But seeing my images full screen on a fading slideshow is pumpin' me up.  I'm eager to start my business but there is also still a lot to do before I can.  So I'm plugging away.  This week I hope to accomplish the following towards that goal-- buy a new computer screen, improve at another practice session, and open a business bank account.  I'm working hard but having fun and praying that I'm doing the right thing.

Here are 3 more from my last session.  I'm loving these sisters' eyes.

And one more.  Our favorite "woof woof" friend.  Cordelia hearts animals.  We are destined to get one in the future, and when we do, I want a Puggle.  Pug+Beagle=Puggle.

I took some shots of "woof woof" real fast one afternoon.  Uploaded them, edited my 4 favorite and emailed them to my neighbor.  They loved them.  My heart swelled.  Sharing beautiful images of a loved one is such a blessing to the receiver and the giver.  And that's why I'm enjoying my photography internship so much.


gwen said...

You sound so very busy, Emily! I'm surprised you have any energy for anything in the evenings! More darling pictures of Annemarie's precious girls - must be the subjects;-) You did really well with Woof Woof too. I know I certainly enjoy the pictures others have given me of our Ricky.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Emily.

Easter blessings