Sunday, April 17, 2011

Family Photo Shoot

Some more close friends of ours.  These photo shoots are starting to feel like a friend parade!  It's a sweet way for me to introduce you to all the loving supports we have in our lives.  For example, Annemarie and Greg took us in when we lost power for a few days, took Eloise home when Cordelia and I went to the hospital, helped us when we had a flat tire, and more and more and (I think we owe you one :-).

Without friends like these, I'm not sure how we'd get through life.

I love these precious girls.  Not only are they BFFs with Eloise and Cordelia, but I love watching them grow up.  They're smart, spunky, and a whole lot of fun!  Raising children is crazy and it is much easier when we can do it together.  Thanks for doing it with us.

We'll be seeing you soon, I'm sure!


Emily said...

These are beautiful, Emily! I really love the variety you captured. Annemarie is sure to love them:).

Annemarie said...

I *love* them :) Thank you!!