Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Monday

Happy Easter Monday!

We had a joyous day yesterday full of many Alleluias, many eggs, many friends, many chocolates, and many fun.  Alex has today off so I told Eloise that today we were just going to "chill."  She looked at me like that was the worst possible news she could hear at that moment.  

Eloise was really cute yesterday as she tried to understand the Easter egg/bunny concepts.  We had several egg hunts and at each one she asked, "Can I take the eggs home with me?" Aww... and when we  opened the door to go to church, there was a beautiful gift pack on our doorstep from our neighbor.  It was signed "the Easter bunny."  We were all surprised, but Eloise didn't care as much about the gifts as she did the bunny.  "But Mom, what color is the Easter bunny?"  Her mind was working overtime with all the concepts (and her body was working overtime to keep up with all the sweets!).

Cordelia found a few eggs too.  She was one proud little girl when she put them in her basket.  

A quick story told by Bishop Salmon yesterday... He was at a mall and a little child is crying because he's been separated from his mom and is scared.  He and another lady come to help the boy.  The woman says "Don't worry sweetheart, we will look and find her."  Bishop Salmon says, "Son, we will stay here because your mom is looking for you."  And there's a major difference in that.   The mom is desperate to find her son and is no doubt searching high and low for him.  The boy needs to know that.  Same thing with us.  We don't have to chase after God to find him.  He is coming to find us.  He has come to find us.  And that's a great thing about our God.

Happy Easter Monday.  I hope you have a chill day, too.


Ashley Sisk said...

Such cute shots!

glitzee76 said...

Eloise looks like such a little lady!

Dorry said...

What precious photos! You really capture their unique personalities. Glad y'all had a fulfilling Easter, Em. xoxo

Chris' Brooke said...

Beautiful pictures. Glad you had a chill day!

Annemarie said...

Eloise looks so much like you in the first one Emily!

Ayala said...

Great pictures, and a great post. Happy Easter!