Thursday, April 7, 2011

Flower Petals

It's blooming magnolias and snowing cherry blossoms.

We're enjoying Spring between the rain storms.  I also read that to become an expert at something you have to practice for 10.000 hours.  Or maybe it was more, or less, but either way, you have to practice all the time.  (It has to be perfect practice right?)  And while I would never strive to be an expert at something--it's just not my personality type--I am trying to get better.  So clicking and editing I shall go.  Tomorrow I'm meeting another newborn.  This kind of practicing is really a lot of fun...maybe I'll become an expert after all. 


Chris' Brooke said...

Beautiful pictures, Emily.

gwen said...

Love these pictures! Everyone is my new favorite!

Dorry said...

I know you'll keep improving and you have the natural talent and passion to keep you motivated. I LOVE seeing Emily Large Photography on your photos. Have fun with the newborn tomorrow!

Jen Roberts said...

what a beautiful time in DC!
fantastic photos

Anonymous said...

Yep! Malcolm Gladwell shares that fact in his book Outliers: that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything. No one is naturally an expert, though they can have some small advantage at the start, they have to keep at it for a long time before they're extremely outstanding :)

I LOVE THESE PHOTOS! I actually laughed outloud (with happiness) looking at them. So beautiful, fun, and expressive. Such a precious time (those blossoms are fragile and short lived!), and I particularly enjoyed the mermaid's enthusiasm for them :P

I love that it was snowing blossoms and you captured it! LOVE LOVE LOVE :)

Maury said...