Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's the Tuesday after the Mockingbird conference.  So much happened in such a small time frame that I'm having trouble digesting it and sharing it.  Old friends, new friends, thought-provoking talks, helpful break-out sessions, and some outstanding food (and clearly drink as well).

With dear old friends.

So I will describe what Mockingbird is in the words of Dr. Paul F. M. Zahl.  Mockingbird as a ministry illustrates the following points on their blog.  We are helpless people in need of a savior.

Paul Zahl

1.  We do the opposite of what we're told.

This is true.  In fact, on Sunday night Alex and I had dinner with a friend and her 27 year old son.  He attended a religious school growing up that included mandatory chapel.  I asked him if he liked going.  He laughed and said "it made me want to go even less."  Direct quote.

It's a human condition (read: rebellion).  That is human nature.

2.  We have a bound will.  We do things we don't want to do.  We can't do what we want.

I want to get up early to read my Bible but I can't get my rear out of bed.  I want to have patience with my daughter at bed time but most often I don't.  I don't want to be short with my husband after a long day, but I can't help myself.  I can't help my selfish self.  I'm helpless when left to my own devices.

And knowing this about myself, I can have compassion for others because they can't help themselves either.  As Paul Zahl said, "you can't have compassion on someone who has a free will."  Do you get that?  Amazing insight.

3.  God speaks to us through the bad junk in our lives and in this world.  He resides in those dark places offering a way forward.

Life doesn't get better, then God shows up.  We don't create a neat, orderly situation and then invite God there.  We don't just have tea parties with God.

You know those feelings of inadequacies, the fear of losing your husband to another woman, the paralyzing situation of not knowing what your supposed to do with your life, that is where God is and that is where he comes to the rescue.

I once heard that "God meets us at the end of our rope."  And "The obstacle is the way forward."

Hey Ethan.  Thanks for posing for me.  The Rangers are winning in the background.

So, that is Mockingbird.  A group of Christian people who believe that we are rebellious, depraved, shackled people who worship a God who meets them in the darkness.  And when you meet God in that darkness, it tastes so sweet.  The embrace is warm and secure.  And light shines.

Check it out, if you haven't already.  Check out Mockingbird's blog.  Next year I plan to be taking some of you with me to NYC.

More dear friends, Mary, Liza, and Aya with our speaker Mark Galli, the senior managing editor of Christianity Today in the foreground.


Dorry said...

This is amazing. I need to read it again and digest it more. Then bookmark it and read it again AND pass it on. I'm glad you had the opportunity to spend time with these people!

Annemarie said...

we're in for next year :-) please!