Saturday, April 2, 2011

My good friends' children

We're home from a nurturing trip to NYC.  Alex and I went to the Mockingbird conference where we heard some insightful speakers, caught up with some old seminary friends and met some new ones, enjoyed some delicious food, and stayed out as late as possible.

I'll give more conference details later, but for now I want to share some special kiddos with you.  Some dear friends' children.  2 sets of siblings.  Big sisters and little brothers.  And it was fun and they are precious.


Dorry said...

I'm glad y'all got to escape to NYC - I bet the conference was awesome. Great pics, as usual - what cuties!

Nick Lannon said...

Goodness gracious, Emily! That picture of Hazel is astounding...maybe I can make some money off her after all! - Hazel's Dad.

L.R.E. Larkin said...

great shots! a bit jealous, did you miss those dashing larkin brothers!??!