Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top 10 Best Buys

I commented to Alex the other day, "I can't imagine living without our portable DVD player." And that birthed the following: the top 10 best buys for baby rearing. (in rough order)

1. Pacifiers
2. Pacifier clips
3. Formula
4. Bottles, of course
5. Portable DVD player
6. A nebulizer
7. Umbrella stroller
8. Hooter hider
9. Halloween costumes
10. A baby carrier/an exersaucer/undecided


Pacifiers (and later came the much needed pacifier clips--the decorative clip that attaches the pacifier to the child's clothes so that you don't have to tear your house apart when your babe is having a fit or break a sweat in a public place when it's at the bottom of your oversized diaper bag) and bottles are two items I thought I would not use for our children. Well, upon meeting our first babe and enduring difficult feeding troubles, we gave that up within a day of her life. Praise God for the nurse who gave them to us and for these life saving (literally) items.

Sane travel has been made possible with our portable DVD player. And to think we labored over that decision. Sheesh.

Best value category: The nebulizer and the umbrella stroller.
The nebulizer: a misting machine that gives your child the antibiotic abuderol (spelling?) (and probably others as well.) It's given to increase lung capacity in the instance of pneumonia, RSV, the croup, etc. Cost to us (with insurance) = $10 Don't rent, just buy. You will use it again.
The Walmart umbrella stroller = about $15. Although the breaks are stripped and the shade broken, we still use it with Eloise.

The Hooter Hider: Where was that 3 years ago?

Halloween Costumes: We wear those almost every day. They have provided endless entertainment.

And finally, can't decide on a 10th. Ideas?


Brookie said...

So, the Hooter Hider? You still didn't describe what it is. I guess I could google it, but come on, Emily. Not all of your readers have kiddos. Is this something I should have in my preschool? :-D

gwen said...

I agree with Brookie; a Hooter Hider sounds like something you'd use with little boy babies - if you get my drift!
I vote Exersaucer for #10. I know a baby carrier is pretty important for you young active mothers, but I think the Exersaucer is the Greatest thing made! Ranks right up there with Pacifiers!

Anonymous said...

Here's how old we are! To us the Johnny Jump-Up was the new fangled entertainment for our kids!

Ginny said...

I agree with Brookie & Gwen, what in the world is a Hooter Hider? My mind is thinking of all different things. Hmmm.

Alex said...

Well, a hooter hider hides your hooters (while your breastfeeding) of course. It's a bit of a modified apron that goes around your neck. Great invention!

Kelli said...

I would agree with this list. Though for me personally a hooter hider wouldn't work for me..seems like it's a big hassle...too much rigamaroo..I use those nursing cami's. That way I can wear what ever shirt I want over the cami and I toss a blanket over my shoulder and off I go! Love those things!