Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Heart Faces

I Heart Faces is a wonderful photography community. I've decided to no longer lurk but to participate in their photography challenges. This week's theme is "We are Family." I chose this photo mostly for its sentimental meaning. It's a quick snapshot but has priceless value. I love how Granny is looking at the baby. My biggest struggle was working with Granny's white outfit. Suggestions?

Four Generations


Molly said...

does your photo program give you an option to burn photos? If so, burn granny's outfit. It will expose it to the light longer thereby making it darker. you can also try minimizing the contrast a notch or two, but don't do it too much or everyone/everything else will be washed out. those are my thoughts.

Erica said...

I agree - you could try burning granny's outfit. You could also create a layer mask and selectively darken that portion of the photo.

Alex said...

Right now I'm working in Lightroom. I'm using the free trial. I have found it difficult to burn with consistently with the paint brush. I should at least burn the bottom of her outfit, though.

Erica, do you use Photoshop? I've heard of layers and think that's a Photoshop term but am unsure. I'm in the market to buy an editing tool.

Anyone with preferences? --Emily

Julia Spencer said...

I actually like that her outfit is white... It draws attention to her, being the matriarch and your eyes start with her and are led around the photo then... - just my .02.

Alex said...

Thanks, Julia. I appreciate your 2 cents. Always welcomed.