Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prayer for Haiti

God of the living and the dead, we wail in grief at the pain and loss and horror and distress of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

We do not understand your ways–that those who already suffer the most, now suffer so much more.

Where people are still breathing under collapsed buildings, give them air and hope and courageous searchers.

Where children are injured or orphaned, find them trusted friends and generous caregivers.

Where despair is infectious and disease or looting spreads, bring patience and forbearance and healing and strength to conquer temptation.

And when others look with compassion from afar, release resources, empower expertise, shape political will, and bring deliverance for your people in their distress.

Through him who was crushed and bruised for us, in the comfort of your Holy Spirit.


Sam Well, Dean of Duke Chapel

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gwen said...

This prayer makes the horribleness of the Haiti earth quake so much more real and personal than all the photographs on TV. Thanks for sharing.