Sunday, January 24, 2010

Not Me Monday

First things first,I would never steal money from my daughter's "treasure box" (piggy bank) of "treasure" (coins) to pay the parking meters. Who me? You might be asking yourself, why would this crazy lady give her almost 3 yr old money in the first place. Might sound crazy, but really, it's a fun game we've been playing. Pirates have treasure boxes, why shouldn't Eloise? Anywho, I would never take her treasure. No!

And then fail to feed the meter enough to return to the car with the parking attendant writing me a ticket. I would never beg, plead shamelessly to get out of a ticket. And then use my precious daughters in the plot. "Oh woe is me, officer. I'm such a frantic Mommy. A good citizen really. So good that I stole the coins out of my daughter's bank to pay this meter. I know it wasn't quite enough, but really, look now the baby is crying. Okay. Okay. Let me put the babies in the car then you can give me the ticket. There, there, Cordelia, don't cry. Everything will be okay."

Meanwhile, Eloise keeps asking "Who's this guy, Mommy? Who's this guy?" (If you've heard her say that in real life, it's really funny. I laugh every time she does it. So you can imagine how difficult it was to keep a straight face at this point. And if you know me, you know how hard it is for me to keep a straight face at all! One time we had an old girl friend over for dinner. Half way through, Eloise looks at me, points at my friend, and says, "who's this guy?" Oh man, her timing is perfect (perfectly awful.)

I put the girls in the car. Return to the man. I ask for my ticket. He's having a real internal dilemma. He says, "there was no money in the meter." I say, "There was. Believe me. I stole it from my daughter." He tisked me. Really. Tisk, tisk. Just like that. And got back in to the car and drove off. No ticket!


glitzee76 said...

What a cute and funny story!

Kelli said...

LOL! good one!!

catherine said...

I like this one. I have been there too...well at least borrowing money from my daughters piggy bank. Thanks for sharing.

Brookie said...

Oh Emily. I love the way you tell the story - I feel like I can see the whole thing. Especially "No really, there is... I stole it from my daughter."

Ashley said...

so funny! Love it :)