Monday, January 11, 2010

Not Me Monday

MckMama's blog is one of my favorites. She's a great photographer, something I aspire to be, and a faithful mama with 4 cute kiddos, one being a miracle baby. Really--her child should not have survived and yet today, by the grace of God, he is expected to live life to its fullest. Click on the button below to read about it. (Thanks Mom for cluing me in to her blog.)

She also has fun giveaways and activities. One being "Not Me Mondays." It's everything that I would NEVER do. (Get the sarcasm?) They're pretty funny to read because they are true. We all do it. We all do things we'd never admit. So maybe we should start admitting them from time to time. Maybe we should start revealing more of ourselves and stop hiding from judgement. So here's my first "Not Me Monday." This of course is silly, but he principle is not. I know I could use more transparency in my life. For when I'm weak, He is strong.

I am certain of this. My daughter is not wearing a Dora sticker on her cheek from over a week ago. Yuck! There's no way I'd let her keep a sticker on her cheek because I'm too wussy to tear it off of her. I don't give in to her constant appeals to keep the sticker on, I would never do that. Not me!

And no, I don't bribe my daughter with candy to get out of the car. I don't bribe her just because it cold outside. Who me? No.

And no, I'm not writing this post and surfing the web when I still haven't done the laundry from our Florida vacation. I would never do that. Or done the dishes from breakfast, or the dishes from lunch, or finish clearing the Christmas boxes that have been sitting there for days. And no, I'm certainly not thinking about which Law and Order episode is on now while I'm not waisting all this precious time. I'd never procrastinate.

Not me.


gwen said...

You didn't need to confess!
I had wondered about that Dora sticker appearing in so many of Eloise's pictures but concluded that you must have a whole book of them. It wasn't so much that I didn't think you'd let her keep it; I'm amazed it would stick for so long!

glitzee76 said...

You can blame me for the Dora sticker-- we were playing with them in Florida and I had no idea it would last so long! I had one of Backpack on my cheek and Tim had Swiper the fox.

Alex said...

It is one long lasting sticker for sure! That thing is on there. We've been bathing--I promise!--and the water is slowly washing it away. But, Eloise is very protective of it and will not let us scrub in any way. It's funny, kinda, and I frankly just don't care. Maybe I should care, but I don't!

Kelli said...

Absolutely love your not me! Especially the Dora Sticker!! LOL!!! I didn't get around to doing my Not Me this week, but still love to go in and read all of them!!

Kathryn said...

Really like this post, Em! And I really connected with the Law and Order...we're so into it! Like, freakishly so. Miss you!

homemakerchronicles said...

You have a really great blog here and a beautiful family. The Dora sticker funny! It's just easier to give in sometimes, eh? Love the NOT ME!