Sunday, January 10, 2010

All Fun and Games

It was all fun and games in Florida until we had to come home. (Sad.) Eloise is upstairs asleep (it's 11:30am now) fighting a mild fever. I think it's taking her some time to recover from all the holiday cheer. And, boy, I do I mean cheer.

This holiday season really all started on November 7 when little sweet Cordelia Fae made her triumphant entry in to this fine world. From that point on, we've had an open door to visitors who came with helping hands, lots of energy, food, and well wishes. We really are blessed to have such wonderful family and friends to support us in this crazy child-rearing business.

We decorated and cooked. And cooked a lot. The pralines were a hit amongst our neighbors and friends, and our Christmas Eve dinner, although simple and easy, was a big hit. We called it a "working orphans supper" for our church staff. Christmas morning was a delight, off to B-more, then home again for another Sunday. The cab picked us up for the airport and off we went to Florida where more fun and games awaited.

The aunts and uncles played and played with our sweet little girls, and we all had a ball. Gifts kept emerging from under the tree, and the kitchen put out some amazing food. We ate and drank and played to our hearts content. And when we were done, away we flew, back in the cab and now home again. I know. We've been home for a few days now but we're still settling in. The tree is down, the decorations almost cleared. And now we're sleeping. And recovering from all the fun and games.

Here's to a fantastic 2010 and ordinary life.

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gwen said...

Sounds like a WONDERFUL time in Florida! And your pictures certainly show it!