Friday, January 22, 2010


*Thank you Willa J., D, and Lauren for commenting yesterday. I was thrilled to learn you wonderful ladies read my blog--love it! Thanks! And don't be shy fellow lurkers, I'd love to know you're out there.

*It's Friday. Our Saturday. Cordelia is napping (what's new?), Alex and Eloise are playing play doh. I'm working on my 10 year reunion. We're gathering emails and addresses right now. A tedious job. Can't imagine doing this without Facebook!

*Eloise and I are going to the dentist today. I'm getting my night guard (YEA!!) to alleviate my grinding and locked jaw. I pray this works. AND, I'm bringing Eloise with me. She has some funky teeth stuff. The Dr. will look at it and hopefully say, no big deal!

*I just learned Alex and Eloise share a love--they love the way new plastic smells. Yuck.

*Some photos I've been playing with. Suggestions always welcomed. Keep them coming, Molly!


The Smiths in NYC said...

Those are all great. Did you get a new camera?

Willa J. Photography said...

Wonderful photos, Emily. I like the contrast a lot on the first one--it has beautiful depth. Has the baptism one been cropped? If so, may be crop a little less on the right side...just a thought. the colors are gorgeous in that one, by the way. And, I especially love the composition and colors of the last one.

Molly said...

does your program have dodge? you might dodge granny's hair for just 1 or 2 seconds so it won't blend into the background too much. do you remember all this stuff from mr. ashley? i love eloise walking in moraine. what'd you do to enhance it?

Alex said...

No, not a new camera, new photo software. I'm just trying out Lightroom right now. I am thinking of getting a new camera though.

Yes, Willa J. I see what you mean about bringing out that crop. I thought since I was chopped off, he could be too, but with the direction of the camera going towards him, I see what you mean.

Yes Molly I could dodge. I am having trouble making it look not dodged. I'm practicing though. The possibilities are endless which is so cool.