Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I've been sick, but after a nap yesterday afternoon and turning in at 8pm last night, I feel like a new woman today. There's nothing 11 hours of sleep can't fix.

So I went to the Minute Clinic yesterday hoping for a positive strep test. Eloise had it, my throat was screaming, so I must have it too. Unfortunately I didn't. No drugs for me. She said, "you either have a bad virus or you're pregnant." HA! I laughed pretty good at that one. Irish twins anyone? And since when did a screaming throat indicate pregnancy? I guess pregnancy is always an option.

My illness isn't getting anyone else down, though. Thankfully everyone else seems spiffy. Just check out Eloise:

"Watch out below!!!" - Our Evel Knievel


SF Larges said...

that pic is a definite winner. Hope you feel better soon Emily!bilin

SF Larges said...

bilin means nothing, it was the word verification and I didn't notice i typed it in the comments box. whoops!