Sunday, February 27, 2011

A weekend and a pastor wife

Our weekend started in earnest at noon on Friday after Alex finished a funeral and Eloise was home from school.  It was off to a great start until about 3:30 when the power went out.  No shocker here.  Considering it has gone out 4 times this month--3 nights during the snow storm, an afternoon a couple of weeks ago, a 4am stint last week, and now Friday night.

I knew it was going to go out.  Maybe it had to do with the large limb laying on our power line and the predicted 60mph winds.  But it doesn't really matter how I knew, I just knew.  It was going to go out.

And it did.  So we headed out for dinner, some errands.  We brought home some fire wood and a large bottle of wine.  We were going to make the best of it.

And it was a fun family indoor camping expedition.  Fun because the power came back on at 9:30.  PTL.  (Praise the Lord!)  So we had heat again and our groceries (and money) were spared.

Saturday we enjoyed chocolate chip pancakes, a second hike in the woods, a trip to the farmers market where we bought Girl Scout Cookies--ironic, yes, and some game playing time with Eloise while Cordelia napped.  A sitter came and off Alex and I went to a church couples dinner.  It was huge and awesome and the week as a pastor and pastor wife began again.

I had an interesting encounter this week as a pastor wife.  Most weeks go by and I don't notice that I'm a PW, but from time to time, I remember very well.  A met a woman for the first time.  I introduced myself and gave her some background information about me as we met.  When she pieced together that I was Alex's wife, her gut said out loud to me, "oh no, I'm so embarrassed.  I've got to be really good now..."

Then my gut said out loud, "No you don't.  Please don't think that.  I'm normal too."

And that's how the interaction went.  From there, we connected and laughed and forged a little friendship, and our interesting beginning was forgotten....I hope.

I actually enjoy people who are a little late or say something silly or inappropriate because then I know they are normal.  They are in touch with their downfalls.  I can relate to them. 

It's the people who live in a realm of perfection that I have trouble connecting with most.

The lesson to me--Be real.  Be candid about my imperfections.  And be extra gracious because some people are scared of pastors and their wives because they feel judged.  And that's really sad... not only for them but also for me.  Because if people feel afraid of me, they won't be my friend.  And I really love having friends.  

Now, let's hope True Grit wins best cinematography tonight.  And let's have a great Monday.  What do you say?


Anonymous said...

I love reading what you have to say, Emily, and the way you recap sweet moments in your life :) It's like you bring the reader along with you... And I wanted to shout "AMEN, sister!" to your remarks about wanting people to be real, not just hide behind a facade of "perfectionism." I feel closest to the people I can share myself, as I am, with them and still be loved - and who share who they are, as well :)

Thanks for sharing who you are! xoxo

Chris' Brooke said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend and way to make the best of the power outage. It looked like fun!

Dorry said...

Emily - I love this post! I couldn't agree more with your sentiments about perfectionism. It makes me uncomfortable. I'm never going to be someone who is dressed perfectly with perfect hair and makeup, etc. Billy and I have a random collection of furniture - nothing matches, we are imperfect and comfortable with it. :)