Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nap Time, Play Time

Nap time is a sacred time of peace and quiet and efficiency and productivity.  

Well it used to be.  These days Eloise and I are playing too much during this time.  "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" is how I think the saying goes.  It's fun, it's bonding, and it takes everything in my being not to run down to change a load of laundry.

My friend had her little baby girl last week.  All are doing very well and I have the privilege of visiting her this Saturday.  And I asked if I could bring my camera to snag some shots of the sweet little thing.  She graciously said yes.  I've never taken photos of a newborn with my new camera and photography skillz.  My poor children have terrible newborn photos--how I wish I had hired someone to take good ones of them!  And I really couldn't be more excited to see this little baby girl.  I've been looking forward to it all week.

I decided to get some practice when Cordelia woke up.  I haven't taken many of her lately.

It didn't go very well.  I hope baby C is more cooperative.

The basket didn't really work.

This is my favorite.

This is Cordelia talking to me.  She trying to tell me that this was a terrible idea, especially because she had chocolate on her chin.  She says, "Mommy, baskets are for babies.  I'm a big girl.  Sheesh."

After that exercise in futility, we decided to try to color with chalk outside.  HA!  Talk about more futility, but we had to just see if we could do it.  So we went and just saw that we really couldn't.

I'm a big believer in experiential learning.

It's especially hard when dressed in your mermaid costume.

So inside we came and danced to Mumford and Sons.  Am I the last one on the planet to fall in love with these guys?  Have you heard their album...the whole album?  Roll Away the Stone is fantastic.  Please click on ITunes and buy the album and then listen to it and then comment here so that we can talk about it together.  Thanks!


Willa J. said...

Everyone I know is talking about Mumford and Sons...definitely going to have to check them out, and no, you're not the last one on the planet to hear about them--apparently I am!

Good luck with the newborn shots! You're starting to build a little portfolio:). A beanbag with a blanket draped over it is a great trick to get some shots. Can't wait to see them! Is the little girl Rebecca's daughter?

Dorry said...

Live the mermaid in the snow. I just told Billy to look up some Mumford & Sons - we're not really familiar with them, but I've heard so much about them lately. Perhaps they'll warm me up because I'm freeezing.

Alex and Emily said...

Yes, Willa J., it's Rebecca's daughter. It'll be fun to meet her and getting some good photos would be a real plus.

Mumford and Sons won't disappoint, if you share my musical style, at least!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love all the photos :) ESPECIALLY Eloise in her mermaid outfit in the snow ;) How priceless!! I agree with you - already, I wish we'd had professional photos taken of our tiny newborn Eden, because she's already tripled in size at only six months!

I have to admit, I've read your praises of Mumford and Sons, but haven't ever heard them myself. I don't really buy music these days, but maybe I'll try seeing if I can hear them on pandora or something?

Anyways, your snow days look so beautiful and fun! :)

Brookie said...

I love experiential learning! It's the best kind.

I have never heard of Mumford and Sons.

Anonymous said...

Oooo love the mermaid in the snow! Priceless :0)