Friday, February 11, 2011

White House and Auction

Today Alex and I toured the White House.  We were like little kids giddy in a candy shop.  I wish we could have stayed longer and photographed the experience, but just as you would expect, we were not welcomed much longer than our tour lasted.  And we were most definitely not allowed to bring a camera, or anything else for that matter.

Now if we had cooler cell phones, we could have at least snapped a shot as we were leaving...10 feet from the last column, officially, but we don't.  So no photos taken.

Only a fun experience that Alex and I shared together.  And that's pretty special.

Plus we got a guided tour, which we did not expect.  Thank you Mr. Secret Service Man for all the funny, amusing information.  And thank you also, Mr. Robo-Cop Not So Secret Guards with Enormous Guns that  Could Kill a Crowd in a Second, for protecting us while we were inside.  I'm not sure if that gun made me feel more safe or more scared.  Either way, I stared a long time at that gun you had.  I think Alex has a video game with that gun in it.

So we crossed the White House tour off the list.  Doesn't mean we are going anywhere anytime soon, but we have done this "to do."

In other news,

I've been busy photographing the children at Eloise's school.  Have I told you that?  The school is having an auction and we are using photographs of the children as decoration for the event.  It's been a time consuming but very fun project for me.  The photos are turning out to be adorable and I think everyone will be pleased to see them.  It's also been fun working with other children not named Eloise or Cordelia.  And practice my mad editing skillz on different skin tones and eye colors, etc.

And as part of the auction, our family has to donate something.  At first we thought we could donate Alex's spiritual services...marriage counseling anyone?  Need a house blessing?  A wedding, a funeral?  Funny things we joke about but definitely not serious.  You don't have to buy those things...he'll do them all for you, just ask him.  Or go to any church and ask them.

So back to what we will donate.  Alex suggested I donate a children's photo session.  4% of that suggestion encourages and excites me.  96% terrifies me.  So I'm thinking I'll just put together a "newborn essentials basket" or a "Princess Perfect" basket of all kinds of goodies.

What do you think we should give?  It can't be expensive so it has to be creative.  And I hate soliciting people, but maybe somebody I know has a service they would like to donate?  I guess my biggest fear is that it will be lame.  I hate being lame.

And with that, I'm off to Target.  Alone.  Life is grand!  Have a great weekend.


Molly said...

photography services! photography services! your future business partner insists upon it. write it down in that business plan you have going.

Dorry said...

I've never been to D.C., but I really want to visit the White House one day. I bet you learned a lot of cool stuff. Billy also has a video game with big guns - it scares me in my own living room.

I think anyone would be fortunate to have you photograph their children! Seriously, you are talented and you capture those hard to capture moments. :) A newborn essentials basket is also a great idea. I wish I had a special service to offer!

Brooke Koroknay said...

I agree, a photo shoot. And since you're making some of the decorations, that gives them a glimpse of your awesome talent! I was also going to say you could offer to babysit for one evening...but that may be scarier than the photo shoot! :)

HeatherBakes said...

I would kill to have you take pics of Jack!!! You should totally go with the photography services.

(And a belated happy b-day to Eloise, by the way!)

Willa J. said...

A photo shoot, Emily! Do it! You are definitely good enough and a parent would absolutely love winning that! If it makes you feel better, you could always do a little basket and include the shoot as the main gift. Go for it!

Annemarie said...

I think Emily J. is right- photo shoot with little basket if that helps with your angst! (though I don't think you need any angst! You'll be great!)

Laura-Jane said...

I agree with the photos! All the ones you post are so great! It makes me want to study photography so I can capture my kids as well as you do yours.

Alex and Emily said...

Brooke, babysitting had crossed my mind actually! But then I thought, what if it went terribly and I didn't like the kids and they didn't like me, then that could make for an awkward preschool relationship. So I nixed that pretty quickly.

And to everyone, thanks for the generous support you give me with the photography. It is something I can do for free and I do enjoy doing it so much, so I should give it a try. And Willa J's suggestion of the basket plus a session is stress-relieving.

Perhaps I'll do a basket with some pretty frames...and something else related .... like what? Any suggestions? And a 1 hour photo session with a disk so they can print whatever they want.

You all are the best! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

What about photographs of Washington?

Alex and Emily said...

Nice idea, Moxie!

Cameron said...

Emily- Someone (don't remember... Jo, maybe?) pointed me towards your blog and I'm so glad they did! I love seeing what y'all are up to and your pictures-- they're fabulous! Since I've become a regular reader, I wanted to say hi :) -Cameron (Billups) Peden

Chris' Brooke said...

You could donate baby-sitting services... an evening out for a lucky couple.

Congrats on hitting the white house tour.