Sunday, February 6, 2011

As Fast as Ligtening

Do you know what this is?   

Look really closely.

You're right!  You get a gold star!

It's a lot of little children spinning as fast at they can on our floor while Cordelia stands and watches.

This is a photo from Eloise's birthday party on Saturday.  And it perfectly captures our weekend and how I feel about the fact that tomorrow is Monday.

"No time!!  There's never any time!"  Who says that on everyone's favorite childhood show?  Two gold stars at stake this time.

I just asked Alex if he could take tomorrow off.  He laughed.  Oh well, I tried.


Brooke Koroknay said...

Saved By the Bell! Sadly, I still watch it on TBS.

gwen said...

Whew! That was some birthday party!

Molly said...

jessie spano with a timeless lesson in the pitfalls of perfectionist aspirations.

what is the larger cream object swirling around on top? i fear it's either a pillow thrown in the air or a lamp shade about to tumble down!

Dorry said...

hahaha - I love that episode of Saved by the Bell. They were in a band - HOT SUNDAE! I'm sure Eloise's party for perfect because of you. Hope your week is off to a good start...xo

Brookie said...

Saved By The Bell! My guess for the picture was that a pillow was flying toward the camera.
Of a 60 hour-weekend, Chris and I just spent 29 hours together... WAY TOO SHORT, so I totally feel the NO TIME feeling.

Alex and Emily said...

Jessie Spano is correct! What a show!

The white blob--hmm--I think it might be a child standing and spinning. Maybe that child didn't get the memo? No pillows coming at me at this party...maybe in a few more years. :-)