Monday, February 21, 2011


You know your child is still sick when you give her a cookie and she doesn't even take a bite.

She is doing much better today and we're hopeful she's finished puking her guts out, but only time will tell. If she makes it through the night, then we're done.  (Yea.)  If not, then we're not done.  (Boo.  In case you had any doubt about how I feel about that or puke in generally, really.)

I gave her some food today but she didn't eat a bite.  But being in good spirits, she played with it.

And while dodging the puke, Cordelia has managed to keep a good attitude.  Because that's what she does.  She rolls with the punches and has the most incredible eyes all at the same time.

I love my girls.  But I don't love puke.


Anonymous said...

Aww feel better, sweet little Eloise!! OOOO crackers with LETTERS on them. Fancy Nancy!

I love that amidst puke and sickness you found beauty, and captured it in photographs.

Chris' Brooke said...

I hope she feels better soon. Really cute about the food spelling.

Dorry said...

Your photos somehow keep getting batter and better! :) Hoping and praying y'all make it through a full night of sleep. xo

CaseyWiegand said...

What a beauty!

Kathryn Howell said...

Oh noooo - I really reallllly hope Eloise (and thus, you) make it thru the night!