Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pictures and Personal catch-up

Want to see what my girls were up to yesterday?

See on my new blog:

Want some simple tips to make your photos better?

See on my new blog:

Want to . . .  just kidding.  :-)  Here are some personal updates, though.

After 3 days of Vacation Bible School, we are tired and easing into the home stretch.  It's been a wonderful year with 175 campers, 60ish teen counselors, and lots of moms working off their rears.  It's been a blessing to many and we thankful for the smooth scheduling and safety of the children.

I'm keeping more than busy with photo shoots.  Alex is keeping more than busy with funerals, births, preaching, VBS, and a new rector who will be called shortly.  Eloise is keeping busy with her VBS friends, sprinkler play, and Delia is the queen of the nursery this week.

We're tired, and I'm busy, and I'm going to watch some Yo Gabba Gabba with Eloise.


Dorry said...

sounds like an incredibly busy and fulfilling summer for the Large family!

Molly said...

sprinklers?! Jealous!

The Smiths in NYC said...

We are on the same schedule, just, difFerent cities!