Monday, June 6, 2011

My other blog

That's right, friends, I now have another blog.  A less wordy and less personal blog, a more photo-rific blog (technically "blogsite").

Here she is:

Check it out.  It's been taking a lot of my time and energy but is turning out to be fantastically fruitful.  I'm in "summer business" mode and am quickly becoming accustom to shooting sessions, editing, and mailing off my images.  I'm still shooting for lots of friends but have also started meeting and shooting for new friends, references.  Did you know that a large percentage of business success comes from references?  People, friendships, relationships are what drive most consumer choices.

Speaking of that, my friend Stacy helped me tremendously with design.  Check out her creative card business at  She's an awesome woman with great vision in the DFW area.

I'd love for you to check it out, check me out on Facebook, and spread the news if you want.

Like I said before, I hope to keep the Large Story up and running with family news and photos but for the time being, it'll be playing second fiddle to my newest venture.

Thanks, y'all, for being such wonderful blog friends to me!


Dorry said...

Emily! I am so proud of you! I'm going to check out the new photography blog right now! xoxo

gwen said...

Thank you for BOTH blogs! They are great, Emily!

Tessa said...

It's wonderful emily!!!!! Well done, while I miss your posts on the Large Story, I am sooooo impressed with your skills as a photographer, you can tell you love it!