Friday, September 25, 2009

Change is in the Air

Change is in the air, indeed. Eloise is not only LOVING school and our new busy Fall schedule, but she's also greatly anticipating the baby's arrival. She talks about her and to her as if she's already here. It's really sweet. The baby is doing well, PRAISE GOD! We had yet another slip-up this week. The doctor forgot to give me my 28 week rhogam shot and a nurse discovered it at 33.5 weeks. There was a small chance I could become sensitized during the elapsed time but thankfully I was not. While I knew the chances were very slim, I was still a little anxious. I've had no major complaints in this pregnancy but quite a few minor scares. Such is life, I suppose, whether in-utero or out, children will always give us little scares.

There is also a literal change in the air. It's cool outside! And we love it! We headed to Homestead Farm today to pick apples and gather pumpkins. Eloise loved the "cute" animals, picking apples (you do this with a lacrosse looking stick), and picking out pumpkins for the family. What a Fun, Festive, Fantastic Friday.

The Bounty.

Daddy's pumpkin, Mommy's pumpkin, Eloise's pumpkin, Baby's pumpkin


catherine said...

glad to hear things are going well. I had the same experience with them forgetting the rhogam shot except they caught me before I left the building but kinda scary especially since my chart had hot pink stickers all over saying I was rhnegative...oh well. can't wait to see the baby.

gwen said...

Cute Pumpkins! Glad you had a fun trip to the Farm. Sweet that Eloise is excited about the baby - does she have a name for the baby?