Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Week

I'm having fun taking pictures of my girls these days. I'm playing more with my camera. I'm re-reading my manual to pick up some tips. So enjoy the fruit of my photo taking trials.

Thanksgiving Day--First the zoo with the Lamberts and then a wonderful feast. Thanks Nancy for the wonderful meal!

The day after Thanksgiving--we're ready for Christmas!

Having a blast with the grandparents. The girls are in Heaven!


gwen said...

Precious, precious pictures! ALL those Larges are very photogenic!

The Florida Larges said...

I feel we should defend the "charred" looking turkey offering. Actually it was a smoked turkey from Tyler Texas and quite tasty! We had a great time and the DC Larges' were great hosts. We had so much fun with those beautiful little girls!

Maury said...

How adorable is Eloise in her Christmas dress! I love seeing these pictures of your new, growing family!