Sunday, November 22, 2009

From the week

Eloise has had a lot of "Daddy time" now that Cordelia is home and requires so much attention. They are both really enjoying their special time together.

Gigi helped us plant pansies. It was a fun activity that Eloise loved on a sunny day. Thanks Gigi for your gardening expertise!

Eloise bonding with Cordelia. Eloise likes to play "baby" and act like Cordelia. She's also thrilled when Cordelia looks at her or touches her or cries or really, does anything. She'll announce everything: "Mom!!!! Cordila (that's how she says it) moved!!!"


gwen said...

Great post; those pictures are all priceless! Fun to see Cordelia look so awake. I guess playing with Eloise will do that!

Anonymous said...

What a darling new rug in the nursery! Oh, the girls happen to be very darling, too!! Alex, what a lucky guy you are to have THREE beautiful girls in your life...