Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fall Fun

The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. We are getting out as much as we can while it's still nice outside. One of Eloise's favorite afternoon activities is to play with Oliver, no, really, play with Oliver's toys. She's perfected the art of luring Oliver out of the house, baiting him to bring his toys out, then whining loud enough that he gives her what she wants. Once she's happy (usually cruising down the hill on his plasma mobile), he returns inside to finish watching his television program. We finish riding and return the toy to Oliver. This happens multiple times a week.

Let Halloween week begin! Eloise has lots of opportunities to wear her cute Ladybug Princess outfit (and lots of opportunities to eat candy). Here we are at the neighborhood party.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely LUV the ladybug in a tutu costume! We think the "princess" thing might just stick forever!!

Molly said...

check out the concentrated face on the second to last picture. it looks like she's taking after her mom and aunt with the furrowed brows a la cowboy watching picture from colorado. at least she's a little bit averitt.