Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can't think of a title

There's not enough brain juice left to think of a title. Finished our Mark study in my mothers' Bible study today and overall, it was wonderful. After teaching, I'm always left with exhaustion. It really takes a lot of extroverted energy. Hopefully the pumpkin pie I just consumed (without a fork) will perk me back up.

Eloise is sick. She as the croup. Had anyone else heard of the croup before 2 years ago? That's when I first learned of it and its funky symptoms. (She sounds like a barking seal or dog when she coughs.) I swear the croup does not exist in Texas. Am I wrong?

We had a great trip to Lexington this past weekend. Unfortunately my hands were too full to take any noteworthy photos. I'm hoping to get some passed along to me and I'll post some then. Some highlights: a LONG drive from Dulles to Lex with Jen and Maury, sitting in Diggers just as we did 5 years ago 2 nights in a row, that means, being anti-social and not going to the Palms, Aunt Sarah's Saturday morning, coffee ice cream punch at the Srat house, eating in the dark on the front lawn Saturday night (NOT). It was wonderful to be with my clan again! Thank you Alex for taking one for the team--Eloise duty all weekend.


gwen said...

Nope; No Croup in Texas! I alway thought it was an old fashioned generic word for upper respiratory infection.

Hope that pumpkin pie did the trick and you are now full of energy!

Ginny said...

Yup, we always used to get the Croup when we were young. That's MI for you.

Anonymous said...

It may be a family thing. Brent had many bouts of the croup before the age of three. We spent many a night sitting in the bathroom with the hot shower running to increase the moisture in the room. The sound of the barking is soooo scarey to parents! Hope this will be the only episode for Eloise! Luv - Neena