Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend with Molly


It rained Saturday. How unfortunate! So we dyed eggs and played with Wii fit together. It was nice and restful.


We had a great Easter Sunday. The church service was beautiful, Eloise enjoyed the egg hunt outside, we ate Golden Rod Eggs for brunch (yum), and had a nice dinner at Peggy's in the evening. I also enjoyed a betting victory! I bet Angel Cabrera would win the Masters, and he did! (unfortunately I didn't bet anything)


Although it was a cool day, we ventured out to Great Falls (national?) Park. It's an impressive water fall on the Potomac river and home to part of the historic C&O Canal Company. We enjoyed the river and and the informative museum. The most exciting part of the park (and the most photogenic) was this hollow tree. We left the Great Falls hungry and found this amazing French bakery. I knew Molly brought her French good fortune with her when she came!


gwen said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend inspite of the weather. Wish I'd been there! Pretty picture of the 3 of you at church!

jblarge said...

Great Pics. Everyone looks so energetic and youthful. Spring has arrived in DC! Alex, I think it's time to have a robe redesign. Maybe see if you can get Prada or Armani to do a re-think. The baggy look is so 20th century. It doesn't do justice to your svelte figure.

Ginny said...

Awesome pics - looks like you had a wonderful weekend. I love the hollow tree.