Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Camp Out

We had a most fantastic time last Saturday at a church camp out. Alex prepared a little service for the group and then we enjoyed dinner and s'mores. Eloise had the greatest time of us all. During the service, Alex asked if anyone wanted to read the gospel. A sweet girl volunteered and then Eloise copied her and said "I will." I whispered to Eloise, "you can do it later," thinking Eloise would forget. Well, about half way through the reading, Eloise gets up, takes the prayer book, and stands next to Lillian pretending to read. Fortunately Lillian stayed calm, finished the reading and sat back down. Eloise followed her. Everyone else was holding back the laughter. It was the cutest thing I'd every seen!

Other cute things--Eloise has been calling me Emily this week. And, she says "gracias" instead of "thank you" sometimes.

In other news, we had our 4th ultrasound yesterday. Yes, most people at this point have only had one, but this little baby likes to keep us on our toes. The doc couldn't hear the heart beat yesterday and was concerned so I stayed and waited 1.5 hours (yes it was a really long wait) for another ultrasound. Turns out the little guy/girl is hanging out in my rear tilted uterus so they couldn't detect him/her. Everything looks great, though. I even got to see him/her jump up. So adorable!


glitzee76 said...

Oh that is too funny! When I was little (7 or so) I went to audition for a play at the local children's theatre. I got so excited that I volunteer to read for every part (many of which were written for older teens)! My mom had to tell me that I could read for one or two, but not all of them.

Molly said...

of course she says gracias! and when she hangs out with Gigi this summer she just might start saying garcia.