Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex...and News

Sunday was Alex' 29th birthday. We had a great day! He married Kristen and Peter Ford, friends from Vero and W&L, and we enjoyed the reception very much. The entire event was perfect! Congratulations to them! Eloise stayed with the Keiths and did a fantastic job. I was thrilled that she did so well so that we could go out alone. Pictured here is Alex's extreme birthday basket from my mom. Thanks for the snacks and balloons mom...we will enjoy them from weeks to come. Very yummy!

In other news, we are moving to Washington DC in September. We are sad to leave this beautiful valley but are so excited to join Paul and Mary Zahl in their ministry there. The church is All Saints Episcopal Church in Chevy Chase Md and is a thriving congregation. We're also excited to explore DC--what a cool city to live in.

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Lauren said...

I was hoping the "news" was more on the "piddo" front...but that's wicked cool news, too!