Sunday, May 18, 2008

Grand Canyon

We're home from The Large Family Wild West Tour--it was awesome!! We loved the freedom of the road and each national park was magnificent. I'm going to do 4 posts for the 4 parks. After 10 hours in the car we finally arrived at the Grand Canyon only to wake up the next morning to 4 inches of snow--NO! We went south hoping to escape the snow! We did, however, get to see the clouds lift out of the canyon and turn in to a beautiful day. It was an amazing sight We also a good amount of wildlife. Here we have a California condor, an endangered species. At one time there were only 22 left in the world. We also so a wild goat and some elk at the Grand Canyon. Of the 4 parks, the Grand Canyon is definitely the most stunning. I don't think you could ever get used to how big it is.

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