Friday, February 1, 2008

The Story Morning Glory

The story in our lives right now is snow. OH MY GOODNESS we have a ton of it. It's beautiful but it makes our lives a bit more difficult.
In other news, Alex is in South Carolina for a conference now. I've tried to keep Eloise and myself busy and done a fairly good job at it. In Alex's stead, I've been watching the presidential debates. Anyone else watching them? I'm finding them very interesting and confusing. I can't decide on a Republican candidate! Any thoughts? I know you're not supposed to talk politics or religion...but we talk religion all the for the democratic side, Obama seems compelling but not quailified. I can't vote in the primary anyway (we're registered independent), so I guess it doesn't matter. It just bothers me that there's no one that I REALLY like.
Finally, Eloise is teething all out of order. She has 2 molars already and no front teeth. What's up with that? She's been raging the last couple of days with pain. Poor little girl!

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