Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Eloise had a great first birthday! Gigi and Grandad were here to celebrate and we had some church friends come over for "apres-ski." There are several other notable birthdays on February 9--Haley Roseberry is 3, Justin Williams, Mrs. McLoota, Scott Pell....if you know of any other birthday twins, let us know! Eloise has also taken her first few steps. She's walked about 3 steps at a time and laughs hysterically while she does it. It's very cute! Alex took some video of it. I'm going to try to put that on the blog later. Alex left this morning for Honduras and returns Saturday. Thankfully my mom is staying all week with us.


Molly said...

Eloise, I'm so happy to hear that you're walking. Just keep at it and when I come to visit next month, we can go on the bunny slopes together. I hope your 1st birthday was everything you dreamed it would be. I love you! Aunt Molly

Meg said...

Hey Emily! I can't believe that Eloise is one--that is so crazy! I'm sure that time has just flown for y'all! I read y'alls blog from time to time and love it. Its fun to see your pics, etc. Just had to let you know that my sister's birthday is February 9th as well. Very good day:) Give Eloise a hug for me! Talk to you soon.

Katharine said...

wow! Happy Birthday Eloise! She's beautiful!

stacyberry said...

Happy Birthday fellow February 9th friend! Hope you had a super fun day. I would have loved to have you come to my western party...maybe we'll party together someday.