Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Country Fair, Summer Fun, Earthquake!

Last week we went to the county fair and it was SO MUCH FUN.  The girls loved the animals.  We almost saw a live birth of a cow.  We (my friend and me) waited 30 minutes (with 5 girls 6 and under) which is no small feat.  But alas, we had to break for lunch.  And as we're chomping on our pizza, Chloe the cow birthed Curtis the calf.  We missed it by minutes!  Sad!  I've secretly wanted to be a doula because I've wanted to witness a live birth when I'm not the one doing it...I thought this might have satisfied that for me, but it didn't.  We went back to visit Curtis, and he was adorable.  We did at least see him stand for the first time.

We also rode some rides.  Get there early and there are no lines...and no one there at all actually.  That didn't stop Eloise.  She rode her ride all by herself and had a great time.

Here's a shot from our RV trip to NC.  I love these piers.  I think this would be a perfect place to get married.  I've been going through some old photos because I'm really behind on personal stuff.  Now that my photography blog is settled and I've got a better sense for my work flow, I hope to be blogging personally at least once a week.  With my point and shoot in my pocket, my family blogging will no longer suffer.  Or, just suffer less.

So we went to the fair, enjoyed a summer weekend, biked around the neighborhood, hosted a church cook-out, and rode out our first earthquake.

Earthquakes are loud.  Did you know that?  At first I thought it was the dryer, then a flash mob in my basement, the house they are building up the street must have exploded, then our house was about to blow!  AH!, I thought about how Jesus said we'd not know the time or place of his second coming and I thought "He was right, I didn't expect this today..." and after a long 45 seconds, while Eloise and I stood in Cordelia's room watching her sleep, I thought, I think it's over.  That must have been an earthquake.  And we are ok.

45 seconds is a long time to shake and think.

Jesus did not come back yesterday, but we did have a once in a century earthquake.  Just like that once in a century snow 2 years ago.  When Jesus comes back, I will be ready.

Have you read "Heaven is for Real?"  It's a great book, especially for those of you who have children and have experienced a death recently.  Or, for anyone who is curious about Heaven. Or anyone who has lost someone and are curious.  It's a really comforting and faith strengthening book.

As the little boy says to a dying man, "It's ok.  The first person you will see is Jesus."  Praise God.  I can't imagine a more beautiful face.


Molly said...

Love the picture underneath the pier! That's definitely worthy of being enlarged and framed as a wonderful piece of art!

(Plus, it's North Carolina, how could I not love it?!)

Mrs. Miller said...

Nice to read your life's updates.

Dorry said...

I love this post, Em! Your writing is so honest and I can hear your voice. Makes me happy. It's inspiring. I'm so glad that y'all did not suffer any major damage from the earthquake - although that doesn't make those 45 seconds any less terrifying! Hope y'all are having a lovely transition into fall.