Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 1-7. Not so bad!

Can't believe we've worked our way through 7 days of August.  This summer has flown.  I was nervous, very very nervous, about this summer.  Me, the girls, and a lot of hours to fill.  What were we going to do?  Too much freedom is scary.  I need a schedule!

But guess what.  It's been pretty awesome so far.  I'm learning to relax and enjoy.  As I think about Eloise going to school 5 days a week next year, all the activities, my new business, the church studies, the committee meetings, etc, etc, etc, I remind myself to sit back and soak in the boredom.

Come September 25, I'll be longing for summer again.

Want to see what cool adventures we've been up to this first 7 days of August?
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gwen said...

So glad you are still occasionally posting here . We enjoy your more personal blog as well as your very creative one.