Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Surprise, girls!  The school inspector didn't think the trampoline was such a good idea, so guess who gets to enjoy it now?  There are some great perks to having your dad be the pastor.  A free trampoline (score!) and a leftover church lasagna (double score!) in one night?!  Thank you very much, we love it.

Here we are at 7:30am this morning, jumping and playing on the back deck in blissful 50 degree weather while Alex and I sip our warm coffee.  I love Spring time.  

And I hope they never get tired of our new tramp.  (And never stop wearing all pink.)

The fairytale day came to a screeching halt for Eloise.  Cordelia had to go to the doctor and get 2 shots.  It hurt her but it hurt Eloise even more.  The sweet girl's empathy is enormous.  Stage crying will be a cinch for this little lady.  I know her spot in Les Miserables is sealed.

But home we came from the doctor.  We made a pitstop in the front yard.  Picked some dandelions.  Watered our new bushes (thank you to our neighbor who gave us 4 of his azaleas) and our vegetable garden (tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, basil, and "fairy flowers").

And then through the house to the back porch to jump some more.  

Thank you Mr. Preschool Inspector man!


Molly said...

i want to jump!

Chris' Brooke said...

Looks like FUN! What a great day.

Dorry said...

Yay for the new trampoline! I see hours of joy and entertainment on that thing. Remember Jac's??

Amanda said...

What a great way to start your day...kids have such fun energy!

I posted some of the pics on FB to share with friends and family and you received quite a few comments and requests for information :) Please feel free to tag yourself on the photos or I can do it if you'd like me to.

And as a side note, I have some large azalea bushes that I want to replace with blueberry bushes so let me know if you're interested in a couple more :)

SF Larges said...

Awesome colors! It feels so spring.

Brooke Koroknay said...

Spring?! What's that?! We entered into Summer way back in April! Gotta love Florida. What fun pink pictures. :)