Saturday, May 21, 2011

An RV art show

We are home from a quick RV trip to see my sister in NC.

It was awesome.  

There's not more to say than that.  We loved the adventure of driving out of the crowded city in a tacky Cruise USA RV, the nature and beauty that the campsite offered, the flexibility, the coziness.  Alex said he felt thousands of miles away from the office.  We've come home refreshed.

I have lots of details to fill you in on--our beach day and Eloise's ballet recital in particular.  But I can't get to everything tonight because we have a house guest.  My close from the big D is here and that time is precious.

So I'll post a few photos from the art exhibit we experience.  It's a luminary created by "Architect of Air."  So very cool.  If you have a chance, go visit your sister in Raleigh and then go to this art show.

These photos are unedited so that you can get the full effect of what we were feeling.  Look at the photos, imagine the natural colors from the sun, the cool air against our skin, and then play some groovy music in your mind. That is how it felt.


SF Larges said...

Love these!!!

Dorry said...

What a magical place! And I'm so glad that y'all got to escape and come home feeling refreshed. I hope all is well with sweet Molly.