Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

We had a busy bustling Christmas this year, and I *think* it was a blast! We're thankful Marcia did the Christmas morning service so that we could have Alex home. We drank our coffee, dined on sausage balls and sour cream coffee cake (an Averitt tradition), and made our way through the ocean of gifts. After the madness of excitement, we pulled ourselves together, gussied ourselves up, and headed north to B-more to be with the Lalleys. They, as always, are so gracious to include us in their family celebration. Jen came home with us, which was a highlight of the holiday, and spent the night with us. Now comes the cleaning, relaxing, and preparing for Florida. (Goodbye cold, hello warm! Yippee!)

I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Recovery!
Love, Emily



and Cordelia.


gwen said...

Beautiful Pictures! So Glad you were able to enjoy despite all the hustle-bustle. Love the Fancy Nancy Girl and long to squeeze Cordelia!

ML Welz said...

is that the moby wrap youre wearing in this post?? do you like it (if it is)??