Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Colorado Week 2

Watch out Estes Park, all the Averitts are about to arrive! We could have taken the bear in our cabin at 5:30am to be a bad omen for the week to come, but we decided to be optimistic and allow this incredible rainbow to predict our week. Glad we did because we did, in fact, have an incredible week.

Ladies at Bald Pate Inn

Eloise: "I love horsies"

Alex and hiked to Gem Lake.

Alluvial Fan with Auntie Molly

Double Trouble!

Tie-dyed hippy girl in Moraine Park.

Friday night we took a hayride for a marshmallow roast.


Molly said...

double trouble's right... those bears and racoons always break into the trash together.

gwen said...

Great Posting, Larges! That pic of Eloise in Moraine Park needs to be enlarged to giant size and placed in a museum. It'd make great ad copy too; you could sell anything with that picture!
So glad you had a good visit in Vail.

The Smiths in NYC said...

what a great family vaca!! Hope you guys had lots of run and rest. Are you guys back to work?